Pastor Elliot R. Shelton, Sr., a humble and God centered man of unprecedented values and standards, leads one of the most prominent congregations in the Memphis metropolitan area. Pastor Shelton’s ministry has reached millions through television programs, literary works, and social media.

A trailblazer with a passion of empowering people of all races, genders, and socioeconomic statuses to walk in the destiny that God has created them to be in the home, church, and community, his mission is to equip people with God’s Word, provide necessary tools for personal health and happiness, and restore relationships that have been distracted by weapons developed by the enemy.

His tireless pursuit of academic and spiritual knowledge matched with his gift of bridging generational gaps has caused him to receive many awards by both religious organizations and governmental agencies. God placed him to be a shepherd over his flock with integrity, charity and humility, Pastor Shelton began serving under his father, Pastor Elmer Shelton at St. Stephen Baptist Church. At a young age, he was noted, one of the young ministers to watch.

After his tenure at St. Stephen, Pastor Shelton was appointed pastor of New Hope Church in Helena, Arkansas. Under his leadership, the church grew both numerically and spiritually. In April of 2000, he became the Senior Pastor of Promise Land Church of Memphis. With his visionary leadership, Promise Land Church has moved twice due to congregational and ministry growth. Currently, the church’s present campus has a worship center, youth wing, school, fellowship facilities, education building, and a community development corporation.

Pastor Shelton received his formal educational training at American Baptist College, where he earned a Bachelor of Divinity. He also attended Mid- America Baptist Theological Seminary, where he received his Master of Divinity. Elliot is married to Jeaneen, who actively serves beside him in ministry, and they have two sons, Elliot, Jr. and Julian.